CIFFR announces Caribbean film nominees for 2018 Yellow Robin Award


A post by Peter Jordens


The Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (CIFFR) is excited to announce the five nominees selected to compete for the 6th Yellow Robin Award during the 7th edition of CIFFR, to be held from April 11-15, 2018 in Curaçao. This Award offers emerging filmmakers from the Caribbean and Latin America a platform for talent development and a hub towards the world market. The winning film is guaranteed screening at Morelia International Film Festival in Mexico in October of this year as well as in the Bright Future Program of International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2019. In addition to a cash prize of US$ 2,500, the Award comes with US$ 7,500 worth of talent development training by means of participation in programs such as BoostNL or Cinemart.

The five nominees for the 6th Yellow Robin Award are:

Black Mother, Khalik Allah, Jamaica/USA, 2018

In this artistic documentary, filmmaker/photographer Khalik Allah (USA, 1985) gives Jamaicans the opportunity to share their dreams and wisdom, but also to talk about the harsh everyday reality. The self-taught photographer and filmmaker portrays contemporary Jamaicans in a particularly honest fashion, from young streetwalkers and streetwise rappers to Rastafarians, mothers, agricultural laborers and devout church girls.


El chata [The Sparring Partner], Gustavo Ramos Perales, Puerto Rico, 2018

Director Ramos Perales (Puerto Rico, 1980) took the scintillating boxing scene of Puerto Rico as the point of departure for his debut drama about second chances and perseverance. Convincing acting and action-packed fight scenes reveal that boxing seems to promise a better life for many Puerto Ricans, but even with great ambition and talent, there’s a constant pull to abandon the straight and narrow.



Hijos de la sal [Children of the Salt], Luis Alejandro Rodríguez and Andrés Eduardo Rodríguez, Venezuela, 2013

This is the second feature film by brothers Luis and Andrés Rodríquez (Venezuela, 1974). The luxuriant, absorbing family drama is set in the salt pans of Cumaragues, Venezuela where, after the death of their father, Evaristo, the lives of Enrique (13) and Maria (16) get a lot harder. Sound plays a major role in the film; the almost tangible presence of the wind, waves and music lend it a magic-realist edge.



Moko Jumbie, Vashti Anderson, Trinidad and Tobago/USA, 2017

A romantic drama about roots and tolerance by Trinidadian-American filmmaker Vashti Anderson. While visiting her aunt in Trinidad, young Englishwoman Asha meets mysterious neighbor Roger. This starts a romantic, magical search for identity and love. Intense debut film that delicately navigates taboos, superstition and spirituality.



El silencio del viento [The Silence of the Wind], Álvaro Aponte-Centeno, Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/France, 2017

In his debut film, Álvaro Aponte-Centeno (Puerto Rico, 1979) depicts a humane, yet no less dramatic side of the global immigration crisis. Together with his sister Carmen, Rafael is part of a human trafficking network that helps move fortune seekers to Puerto Rico. The country’s beautiful landscapes contrast markedly with the tragedies of human trafficking victims.


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