Rosie Murray: “A Slice of Life”


In “Everything’s Rosie” Richard Johnson writes about Jamaican actress Rosemary “Rosie” Murray who has received two recent Actor Boy Awards nominations for her one-woman production Slice of Life.

The nods are for Best Revue and Best Actress in a Lead Role for the play, which was taken to the stage last year. [. . .] “More ‘overwhelmation’ (had to coin that one) SLICE OF LIFE’S 2017 Actor Boy nominations! Eye dem swell up! Father God again!…Like a card game, life deals you good and not so great ‘hands’; it’s just how you play that will keep you in the game! Sharing a slice or two of my life in 2017 has ‘plaaayed’ [. . .].

The Actor Boy Awards recognises excellence in local theatre. Murray won her first Actor Boy trophy a year ago for her portrayal of a mute in David Tulloch’s Not My Child. [. . .]


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