New rum from Haiti: Rhum Boukman


ManManPemba features a new rum: Rhum Boukman. Adrien Keogh presented the rum recently in a new series called #AyiboTalk.

The Rhum Boukman site describes the rum as “handcrafted in Haiti from the best agricole rhum and wild-foraged native botanicals. Dry, intense, complex.” It emphasizes the importance of Dutty Bouckman as a historical figure and his role during the Haitian Revolution. Then it underlines the company’s sense of responsibility and social mission:

Today, Boukman Botanical Rhum aims to help Haiti ‘get up, stand up’ and reinvests in programs to help the sugar cane communities live with dignity and fairness. From its inception, Boukman Rhum has been working in close partnership with Haiti Futur (, a registered non-profit with branches in Haiti, the USA and France.  A proportion of Boukman profits go directly to Haiti Futur, which is transforming education in Haiti with its digital classroom program.

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