El exilio segun julia Gisele Pineau

A post by Peter Jordens:

Casa de las Américas announces that a Spanish translation of renowned Guadeloupean writer Gisèle Pineau’s 1996 novel, L’Exil selon Julia, has recently been launched on the Cuban market. El exilio según Julia is published by Editorial Oriente as part of its Mariposa collection; it initiates the publication of Pineau’s books in Cuba. It is also the very first time that this important novel has been translated into Spanish. The translation was done by Cuban poet, editor and Caribbeanist Laura Ruíz Montes and the proofing by Guadalupe Vento Martínez. The translation recently received the ‘José Rodríguez Feo’ Literary Translation Award.

In this [autobiographical] novel the Caribbean narrator tells stories that occur after the departure of Julia, her grandmother, to France: Julia’s relationship with her grandchildren, her troubled integration in the host country, and the vicissitudes of her family. Cooking recipes, natural remedies, plants and seeds come to the pages by way of a grandmother who cannot read or write but who has, instead, the power of memory and orality to represent, communicate and transfer a connection to the Caribbean. The beautiful and painful spiritual journey of this novel approximates the real stories of the author herself and her family, both during exile in France and upon return to the French Antilles ― stories that find profound emotional echoes in the Cuban experience.

For the complete, original announcement (in Spanish), go to Photographs of the launching event are available at

Gisèle Pineau (Paris, 1956) is a Guadeloupean novelist, writer and former psychiatric nurse. Her books include:

La Grande dérive des esprits, 1993 (Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe, Grand Prix des Lectrices-ELLE); L’Espérance-Macadam, 1995 (Prix RFO);

L’Exil selon Julia, 1996 (Prix Terre de France, Prix Rotary);

Caraïbes sur Seine, 1999 (Prix Roman Jeunesse Maurice);

Chair Piment, 2002 (Prix des Hémisphères-Chantal Lapicque);

Folie, aller simple : Journée ordinaire d’une infirmière, 2010 (Prix Carbet des Lycéens).

Note: L’Exil selon Julia has been translated into English as Exile: According to Julia (University of Virginia Press, 2003).


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