Boléro Tropical (Now Available in Paperback)


Boléro Tropical, a novel by Richard and Sally Price, is finally available in paperback via  

Description (Wall Street Journal): A unique and prodigious object, a detective story set in art history written with a lot of intuition, intelligence and sensitivity. Like the art about which it teaches us so much, Boléro Tropical is a hybrid work that keeps you reading it as an authentic account although it is officially presented as a fiction. [. . .] For the reader, unraveling one from the other is part of the singular charm of the Prices’s work—a novel based on the anthropological experiences of the authors.

From our previous post: Richard and Sally Price have published Boléro tropical (2016), the French version of their novel Enigma Variations (Harvard University Press, 1997), which has been described as “a mystery at the intersections of art and anthropology.” The novel is about an eccentric Frenchman who sells an extraordinary collection of primitive art in Cayenne. Two anthropologists, called by a museum to appraise the pieces, quickly find themselves caught up in a world where the borders between authenticity and deceit seem to melt away in the pervading heat.

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Also see review at and the authors’ page:

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