Shay Cozier opens the blinds to a world of colour and imagery


Keryn Nelson (St. Lucia Star) interviews St. Lucian artist Shay Cozier:

Rarely will an artist offer up his/her painting tools and ask a stranger to “give it a go” over their own work. It did seem completely natural, however, for Grenadian-born, Saint Lucian artist, Shay Cozier, as she picked one of many tiny, colourful pineapple paintings off of her living room wall, told me to grab a palette knife, dropped a dollop of paint into a plate and shoved it my way. The invitation came spontaneously as she answered a question on what exactly inspires her to paint.

I had seen Cozier’s work days earlier at the “Women in Art” exhibition at the National Archives. Her use of bright colours was her distinguishing trademark amongst the fourteen other exhibitors.

While we sat on a Tuesday morning on the terrace of her Bonne Terre home, a view of the Rodney Bay Marina, Pigeon Island and the ocean, worthy of anyone’s envy, beneath us, she revealed the contents of a mind infused with colour and light. [. . .]


SHAY: Have you been there lately? Well, we didn’t go too long ago, and we’d taken some friends just to stop there and look down, pretty much like the painting. I was thinking we were going to look from the

lookout point but you can’t even get out there; they’ve made such a big scene and you have to pay and blah blah so we said, “You know what? Forget it.” The idea is to catch those pictures so you can paint them a thousand times because soon it will be gone.


SHAY: Actually we were looking at old photographs and we found this picture of one of my paintings. It was a painting that was chosen to go into the Jamaica National Art Gallery a long time ago. And I thought, “Oh wow!” The whole National Art Gallery really sticks out in my head, it really had wonderful things.

I went to this one [Women in Art exhibition], Margot [National Archivist] tries to do her best with one room. It makes me think, “Wow! We don’t even have a Saint Lucian National Art Gallery. I would love to be able to start the National Art Gallery but I don’t know what exactly you have to go through. I’m saying, we have all these individual galleries and I’m thinking, where’s the National Art Gallery? [. . .]

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One thought on “Shay Cozier opens the blinds to a world of colour and imagery

  1. Hi there Shay ☺️ I saw an article on your painting.
    This is Mary, we were such good friends at Loreto Convent Msongari.
    You are still very pretty with a beautiful smile

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