New Edition: Emilio Díaz Varcárcel’s “El dulce fruto”

eldulce fruto

A new edition of El dulce fruto, by the late Emilio Díaz Varcárcel, was published by Isla Negra Editores to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first edition (2007). 

Description (Isla Negra Editores): This tenth anniversary edition of El dulce fruto (2007) seeks to keep the important work of Emilio Díaz Varcárcel accessible to new readers as he is a fundamental and paradigmatic writer in [the trajectory of] Puerto Rican literature. For this reason, we have supplemented the novel with a timely, profound and pedagogical preliminary study by Dr. Vivian Auffant. Among other things, she highlights some of the elements that characterized this author’s narrative style: a commitment to Puerto Rican reality, experimentation, the outlook of young generations, and the effects of war on the soul of the characters and towns. [Translation by Ivette Romero.]

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