Film Screening: “The Rest I Make Up”


The Florida premiere of The Rest I Make Up (2017), directed by Michelle Memran, will take place on Saturday March 10, 2018, at 4:00pm, at MDC’S Tower Theater Miami (Theater 1) in Miami, Florida. This documentary film centers on Cuban-born avant-garde playwright María Irene Fornés.

Description: One of America’s greatest playwrights, Maria Irene Fornes was born in Havana, moved to the US in her teens, and rose to prominence in the 1960s Off-off Broadway scene with her wildly innovative, endlessly playful approach to language and form. She has won nine OBIEs, been nominated for a Pulitzer and transformed countless lives as an educator. Fornes was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 14 years ago, but, as this alluringly intimate documentary reveals, she retains her charisma and wonder.

Featuring glowing testaments by the likes of Edward Albee, Paula Vogel and Lanford Wilson, The Rest I Make Up tracks director Michelle Memran’s journey of meeting Fornes in New York, escorting her on a visit to Cuba, following her relocation to Miami, and listening to her reminiscence about past loves, such as Susan Sontag. This is a story of dizzying artistic heights, enduring grace, and unexpected friendship.

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