Sammy Sosa: Fans Comparing Him To A ‘White Cowboy’ In Bizarre New Country Inspired Pic

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.15.22 PM.png

A report by Courteney Larocca for Hollywood Life.

Sammy Sosa dressed as a cowboy for a themed party, and the photo really puts the wild in Wild West. You definitely need to see this pic that fans are losing their minds over!

What is going on with Sammy Sosa? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after a photo of him dressed in full cowboy garb surfaced online. The photo from his wife Sonia‘s Wild West themed birthday party shows the retired baseball player in a red Stetson and embroidered button-down shirt. But the outfit is only part of the reason fans are freaking out over the photo — it’s yet another reminder of the former athlete’s physical transformation since he began bleaching his skin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.17.40 PM.png

One person posted a side-by-side image of what Sammy looked like when he played for the Chicago Cubs, with the country-themed photo and the difference in his complexion is striking. Another person reacted to the new image with the caption, “Sammy Sosa went from a Dominican baseball player to a white cowboy.” A third Twitter user posted their “immediate reaction” to the photo, which was a clip from Kirin J Callinan‘s “Big Enough” videowhere a bunch of cowboys scream over a beat. See some of the confused, concerned and hilarious reactions below.

The Internet lost its collective mind last summer when Sammy showed up at the ESPY Awards in a pink suit, and appearing to have very light skin. The conversation about his lighter skin tone picked up again in Nov. 2017 when photos of him walking around in London emerged. In 2009, the ex-superstar athlete explained that his changing complexion is due to a bleaching cream that he applies to his skin. “It’s a cream that I have, that I use to soften [my skin] and has bleached me some. I’m not a racist, I live my life happily,” he said at the time. However, many people have criticized the bleaching process, including rapper T.I., who told TMZ that it’s “self hate” on Nov. 13.

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