Barbancourt elected best rum distillery of the Caribbean


A report from Haiti Libre.

On Friday, February 9, USA Today, one of the most popular newspapers in the United States published the results of the 2018 “10 Best” ranking. Recall that following a shortlist of 20 candidates made by a panel of experts in six categories–best hotels, beaches, attractions, bars, distilleries and restaurants in the Caribbean–the Internet users had to vote online to elect the best in each category.

After 4 weeks of popular vote in the “Best Caribbean Rum Distillery” category, the Barbancourt Rhum Company was elected to the first place of this Palmares 2018 as “Best Rum distillery Caribbean»

List of winners category : Best Caribbean Rum Distillery :

1 – Barbancourt Rum Distillery (Haiti)
2 – Casa Bacardí (Puerto Rico)
3 – River Antoine Rum Distillery (Grenada)
4 – Topper’s Rum Distillery (St. Maarten)
5 – Distillery J.M. (Martinique)
6 – Appleton Estate (Jamaica)
7 – Habitation Clément (Martinique)
8 – The Cadushy Distillery (Bonaire)
9 – Mount Gay Rum (Barbados)
10 – Westerhall Estate (Grenada)

2 thoughts on “Barbancourt elected best rum distillery of the Caribbean

  1. whomever is tasting and judging the Caribbean rums should first apologize for not being qualified, and secondly, begin to cultivate and refine his/her taste for rum . . . they missed the very best ones, which leads us to suspect one of two scenarios . . .

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