Raphaël Confiant: “Unbescholtene Bürger”


Raphaël Confiant’s 2014 detective novel Citoyens au dessus tout soupçon [Citizens beyond all suspicion] was recently into German with the title Unbescholtene Bürger (2018).

Description (Gallimard): Raymond Vauban, who practice his skills as a detective under the name Jack Teddyson—it sounds better, right?—investigates the murder of Sésostris Ferdinand, a major entrepreneur from Fort-de-France, who was found dead and castrated. The beautiful Dominican woman with whom he fooled around has, of course, disappeared. But privacy on an island like Martinique does not exist: everyone knows who is who and who does what! Jack has more clues than he can follow: as it a Vodou ritual? The revenge of a jealous woman? Gambling debts? Political shenanigans? The Philip Marlowe of the West Indies must investigate citizens beyond all suspicion.

[Translated by Ivette Romero from http://www.gallimard.fr/Catalogue/GALLIMARD/Folio/Folio-policier/Citoyens-au-dessus-de-tout-soupcon.]

For original announcement (in French), see http://www.montraykreyol.org/article/citoyens-au-dessus-de-tout-soupcon-de-raphael-confiant-traduit-en-allemand

For more information on the German edition, see http://www.litradukt.de/buecher/unbescholtene-burger/

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