10 Contemporary Afro-Latino Authors to Know


[Many thanks to David Labiosa for sharing this item.] Latino Book Review brings us a list and descriptions of ten contemporary Afro-Latino authors everyone should know in honor of Black History Month. The list of contemporary authors they put together is meant to spark discourses about identity and to commemorate “how Afro-Latino writers are passionate in capturing the essence of their individual experiences through literature, all while being part of a larger narrative that proves there is no singular experience for Latinos.”

The article highlights list Elizabeth Acevedo, Veronica Chambers, Luz Argentina Chiriboga, Junot Díaz, Quince Duncan, Tato Laviera, Paulo Lins, Dahlma Llanos, Willie Perdomo, and Mayra Santos-Febres.

Latino Book Review writes, “We celebrate the diversity of cultural traditions, recollections, and histories that intersect with our identities as a community. That means creating a space that is inclusive of our divergent voices and exploring how our legacies are being illustrated.”

Go to https://www.latinobookreview.com/10-contemporary-afro-latino-authors-to-know–latino-book-review.html for full article.

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