“Voices of Tisha and Eddie”: On Rebuilding La Perla


Tisha and Eddie, owners of Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, have started a program to help replace roofs in the San Juan community of “La Perla,” which suffered major devastation from Hurricane María. They have started a Go Fund me campaign to support these efforts. Taí Fernández Toledo, a volunteer with Voice of Puerto Rico conducted an interview during her visit to the island in January 2018:

“These are the voices of Tisha and Eddie, together with other organizations, have started a project to rebuild roofs battered by Hurricane Maria in the La Perla community of Old San Juan; most people are familiar with La Perla, the setting of the famous Despacito video (Luis Fonsi / Daddy Yankee). Tisha and Eddie are committed ‘sanjuaneros’ (Old San Juan residents) who care deeply for neighboring La Perla and could not but do what they could to help the community, badly hit by the storm. Please watch the short video here to learn how you, too, can help La Perla rebuild.”

For contributing, go to https://www.gofundme.com/eddieandtisha

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