10 Young Artists Leading the New Wave of Dominican Art


Christina Noriega (Remezcla) brings us a fascinating article featuring a new generation of Dominican artists: Hulda Guzmán, Joiri Minaya, Mencia Zagarella, Gina Goico, Carlos De León, José Morbán, Gabriella D’Alessandro, George Heinsen, Marie Jiménez, and Lucía Herrero. Noriega consulted Amy Hussein and Yina Jiménez Suriel—founder and curator of Casa Quien, respectively—to identify these “10 young artists leading the new wave of Dominican art.” Check out Remezcla for a description of each artist and examples of their work. Noriega writes:

The Dominican Republic, like many Caribbean countries, is sometimes considered artistically isolated, but in recent decades nation-wide initiatives have attempted to connect the island with the international art scene. In 1983, the Altos de Chavón School of Design affiliated with New York City’s Parsons School of Design, where students who complete a degree at Altos could continue their education. The Davidoff Art Initiative, founded in 2012, offers native artists residencies in Berlin, Beijing, and New York City, while private galleries, such as Casa Quien, provide the necessary platform to support an emergent class of Dominican and Dominican-American talent.

A new generation of Dominican artists is more internationally synced than ever before and coming to terms with a new era of globalization. A rise in migration trends to the United States, a feeling of displacement in far-off cities, and the ever-growing tourism industry that perpetuates stereotypes of exotic women and landscapes are common themes for these new artists. [. . .]

[See full article at Remezcla.]


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