Delia Dolor returns to “She Caribbean”


According to the St Lucia Star, Managing Director and Publisher Mae Wayne welcomed back Delia Dolor to She Caribbean as its Editor-in-chief. She Caribbean is the Caribbean’s leading lifestyle and fashion magazine for women.

As the team begins its Summer 2018 issue which examines the dynamics of women power and adventure. Dolor, She Caribbean’s previous Managing Editor, who left to produce her television and radio shows, The Dolor factor in the UK, now led by its executive producers, was happy to return to her “dream team.”

Dolor says, “I’ve never forgotten this intensity and the excitement of the sign-off SHE meeting with the Dream Team: Mae, Vanessa Julien (sales), Linda Dorup Andrew (design). I’m passionate about SHE and glad to be back.”

SHE Caribbean Publisher Wayne: Exciting times for SHE Caribbean are ahead as we explore the dynamics of women. Delia has always been enthusiastic about SHE and together we will continue to enhance the lives of Caribbean women.” She Caribbean magazine is committed to producing a world-class glossy magazine, which captures the zeitgeist of the Caribbean in 2018, through fashion, beauty, health, culture and the stories of women who make the region great.

The magazine welcomes contributions from writers in all countries in the Caribbean. Contact


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