Concert and Events: « Figures de Femmes Totem des Outre-mer »


Driven by the success of the first edition of “Figures de Femmes d’Outre-mer” [Women Figures in Overseas Departments], the association Couleurs Karayb revisits the theme in a new event: “Figures de Femmes Totem des Outre-mer” [Totem Female Figures in Overseas Departments] to be held from March 8 to 12, 2018, at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris, France.

In this context, on March 21, there will be a concert entitled “Femmes Totem de la musique des Outre-mer” [Totem Women of Overseas Music] in which female cultural ambassadors such as Jocelyne Béroard, Tanya St-Val, Sylviane Cédia, Christine Salem, and Tyssia will take center stage at the prestigious Grand Rex (1 Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris).

Outremers 360 writes that, in this center of cultural excellence, they celebrate and reinterpret the most beautiful and emblematic songs of local heritage. [. . .] These women singers, these voices beyond the seas, express French culture in its pluralism so well. They will have perform in significant duets with Lisa Simone, Rokia Traore, and Emeline Michel.

Chantal Clem, who is at the center of the project, explains that “we need to present our history in an emblematic way” and “to highlight emblematic female figures.” She says, “We have worked intensively with Simone Schwarz-Bart to be able to strongly underline all the radiance and excellence of overseas heritage. It is a question of valuing this beautiful and glorious history of the Overseas Departments, and to show how much this heritage contributes to enriching and nourishing French cultural excellence.” According to Outremers 360, through this event, Chantal Clem also intends to fill the gaps and raise public and political awareness about the lack of representation of overseas heritage on the national stage.

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