Call for Submissions: lille3000’s “Cuba mío!”


As part of the OLA CUBA! project (including exhibitions and a variety of related events) at Saint Sauveur Station [Gare Saint Sauveur] lille3000 invites you to share your vision of Cuba by submitting one or more series of photos. The selected photos will included in an exhibition entitled “Cuba Mío.” OLA CUBA! events will take place from April 19 to September 2, 2018.The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2018. 

Guidelines (lille3000)—Some indications before sending us your photos of Cuba:

– good resolution (300 DPI)


– 5 photos minimum

Please include a TITLE, a main THEME, and a description for the series.

Send your photos to before Friday, February 16, 2018 (WETRANSFER recommended!)

Description of Ola Cuba!: lille3000 is organizing an event dedicated to Cuban culture in Lille, France. The events and exhibitions of Ola Cuba! will be deployed everywhere in the city: Saint Sauveur Station, the Museum of l’Hospice Comtesse, and lille3000’s partners and merchants, in bars, movie theaters, libraries, etc.

The exhibition Ola Cuba! at Gare Saint Sauveur will include installations, photographs, paintings and several major productions. It will gather the great majority of the work of artists born in the 70s-80s, and imbued by the 1990s. [. . .] This generation of artists is called the artists of the Special Period [Período Especial].

The challenge of this exhibition is to render an account of their creative work, the evolution of various discourses, and the plurality of the means of expression that enter the art and social scene little by little; this generation of artists announces a renewal, they are the first to cross borders.

With the participation of: Abel Barroso, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Elizabet Cerviño, Duvier Del Dago, Roberto Diago, Humberto Díaz, Leandro Feal,  Adonis Flores, Carlos Garaicoa, Alejandro González, Osvaldo González, Jorge & Larry, Alexis Leyva a.k.a Kcho, Reynier Leyva Novo a.k.a Chino, Glenda León, Nicola Lo Calzo, Luis López Chávez a.k.a Chinito, Yornel Martínez Elias, Adrian Melis, Nelson and Ludmila, Nocturnal, Susana Pilar, Stainless, Mabel Poblet, Michel Pou, Marc Riboud, and José Yaque.

Curator: Justine Weulersse
Artistic Coordinator: Laura Salas Redondo

For more information, see or call
+33 (0)3 28 52 20 12

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