[A post by Peter Jordens.]

The 2018 International Film Festival Rotterdam (the Netherlands), to be held from January 24 until February 4, 2018, will include these Caribbean and Caribbean-related films:

  • Aimé Césaire: Une voix pour l’histoire – 2ème partie, Euzhan Palcy, 1994, France/Senegal
  • Cartucho, Andrés Chaves, 2017, Colombia, 55 min
  • Cocote, Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias, 2017, Dominican Republic/Argentinia/Germany/Qatar, 66 min
  • El hombre que cuida, Alejandro Andújar, 2017, Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/Brasil, 85 min
  • La torre, Sebastián Múnera, 2018, Colombia/Mexico, 78 min
  • The CLR James Lectures on the Caribbean and Africa, 1983-1985, Christian Wangler, 1983, United Kingdom

Short films:

  • Armageddon 2, Corey Hughes, 2017, Cuba/USA, 6 min
  • Home Movie Excerpts from Cab Calloway on Tour in South America and the Caribbean, Cab Calloway, 2017, USA, Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti, Brazil, Uruguay, 7 min
  • Trópico desvaído, Valentina Alvarado, 2016, Venezuela/Spain, 6 min
  • E yobida di ayera, Armand Simon, Aruba, 10 min

For the complete film program, visit the IFFR website,

La torre [The Tower] will be competing with 17 other films for the IFFR’s Bright Future Award. Read more about this film at



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