Roberto Fonseca Closes Jazz Plaza Festival


Today, Roberto Fonseca, a multifaceted, virtuoso Cuban musician, closed the 33rd International Jazz Plaza Festival in Cuba. Prensa Latina reports:

Fonseca once again showed his artistic class at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba by combining sounds and apparently distant expressions of jazz on stage, sharing stage with musician X Alfonso, an exponent of urban music, and dancer Carlos Acosta, an essential artist if we refer to the dance on the island. A musical and visually rich show that successfully closed the Cuban jazz event, where Fonseca debuted in 1990 with only 15 years old.

Since then, the pianist, who has successfully tried his luck beyond jazz, has spent much time remembering his stay at the Buena Vista Social Club band, where he replaced legendary musician Ruben Gonzalez in performances that took him to the most demanding international stages.

His relationship with urban music, a genre he worked during a time when he joined forces with hip-hop leading bands such as Obsesion and Doble Filo, also comes from years ago.

However, jazz has defined him as a musician, and his career stands solid on an interesting discography that begins with ‘En el comienzo’ (1999), and now, ‘ABUC’ (CUBA spelled backwards), passing by ‘Tiene que ver’, ‘No Limit’, ‘Elengo y Zamazu’, y ‘Akokan y Yo’. [. . .]

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