International Chutney Queen Competition and Chutney Brass 2018


The International Chutney Queen Competition will be held on February 2 at Guaracara Park in Point-a-Pierre, San Fernando, Trinidad, where an International Chutney Queen will be crowned for Carnival 2018. On February 3, the Chutney Brass Festival will take place in the same venue. Randy Glasgow Productions will host both events. Here are excerpts from LOOP:

“The time is now to make a female Chutney Soca artiste a winner in Carnival’” RGP CEO Randy Glasgow said, adding that the female Chutney Soca artistes deserve this opportunity to score with their music [. . .]. He noted that after several years of Chutney Soca competitions, none of the female acts has ever won. With this in mind, he launched the 2018 International Chutney Soca Monarch Queen competition.

[. . .] “We expect a lot of international participation with competitors and audience from the Caribbean, US, Canada and the UK,” he said. [He added] that the female Chutney Soca artistes such as Drupatie Ramgoonai, Sally Sagram, Reshma Ramlal, Nisha Bissembhar, Rasika Dindial, Hem Lata Dindial, and a host of others deserve a better place in Carnival and this is what our organization is offering.

[. . .] When contacted, Reshma Ramlal was relieved to know that a woman could finally grace the stage like a queen. “We could be judged fairly on originality,” she said, adding that this is one competition she is looking forward to in sharing with all her sisters in the business.

Drupatie was excited when she learned this news, saying she would definitely participate in this show. “I believe that the promoters of Chutney competitions have done quite a lot to promote the arts. It’s time that the females acts be given a fair share of the pie in Carnival,” she said.

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