New Issue: Moko, January 2018


The latest issue of Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters—Issue 12-January 2018—is now available.

This Issue 12 includes poetry by Tiffany Austin, Arturo Desimone, Nicole Hospital-Medina, M.A. Istvan, Jr., Sergio Ortiz, Alicia Valasse-Polius, Sean DesVignes, Jeremy Gardner, Joe O’Neill, Kwasi Shade, and Calvin Walds; fiction by Suzanne Bhagan; a review by Jacqueline Bishop; an essay by Daisy Lafond; “I Am Here: An Interview with Keisha Scarville” by Kenesha Julius; and visual art (The Abaco Series) by Christine Stoddard.

[Image above: “Mama’s Clothes” by Keisha Scarville.]

For more information, see

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