Sting and Shaggy collaborate on new ‘Caribbean-flavoured’ music


In an early contender for strangest music collaboration of 2018, Sting and Shaggy have announced they have been working on new tracks together.

The British singer-songwriter and Jamaican-American rapper got together late last year, according to a post on Sting’s website, “to jam and create music that reflects their mutual love of Jamaica, its music, people and culture”.

As a result of their time in the studio, “Caribbean-flavoured songs emerged,” the post says.

Sting found fame with The Police in the 1970s, with hits including Roxanne, Message In A Bottle and Don’t Stand So Close To Me, before going on to achieve success as a solo artist.

Shaggy hit the top of the UK charts with Oh Carolina and Boombastic in the 1990s.

The unlikely duo performed together in Jamaica on Saturday, at a Shaggy and Friends charity concert raising money for Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Their first single, Don’t Make Me Wait, will be released on 2 February 2018.

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