Silvio Rodríguez and his “Gira por los barrios” concert series


Silvio Rodríguez’s next performance in his “Gira por los barrios” concert series is slated for Friday, January 26 at 6:00pm in the Callejas neighborhood of the Arroyo Naranjo municipality; at the corners of of Martí, Coliseo and Dolores Streets.

This is his 89th performance in the concert series, which he has been delivering since 2010. He dubbed it la gira interminable [The Endless Tour]. The tour inspired the documentary Cancion de barrio, a film “that gives a voice to the public attending concerts offered in dozens of neighborhoods in Havana.” [See previous post Silvio Rodríguez presents “Canción de barrio” in Paris.]

Silvio Rodríguez will be accompanied by Niurka González (flute and clarinet), Jorge Aragón (piano), Jorge Reyes (double bass), Oliver Valdés (drums and percussion) and Emilio Vega (vibraphone and percussion).

Having attended Rodríguez’s Central Park concert in New York City last fall, I fell in love with these musicians—virtuosos in their own right. Niurka González was particularly notable. And, of course, Silvio is Silvio! An unforgettable concert, for sure.

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