Armando Morales Receives 2018 National Theater Award


The director of Teatro Nacional de Guiñol (National Puppet Theater) of Cuba, Armando Morales, received the 2018 National Theater Award for his consecrated work of more than 50 years in theater arts. He will receive the award on January 22, as part of Cuban Theater Day celebrations.

Nominated on several occasions for this award, Morales supports the premise that he does not believe in recognition or encouragement, but in the true daily commitment to art. He is puppeteer, designer and artistic director, and founded with his legendary brothers Camejo and Pepe Carril, his company on March 14, 1963. To date, his sketches and designs have been recognized for the contribution they represent in each of the stage productions, both in Cuba and in other parts of the world. His endorsement includes more than 100 titles belonging to a wide repertoire of authors of Cuban and universal puppetry dramaturgy.

Morales is part of the membership of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba since 1970; he also presided over the Theater for Children Section of the Association of Performing Artists between 1990 and 1999. He belongs to the Committee of Experts of the National Council for the Performing Arts and the Cuban Committee of the International Union of the Marionette since 1996.

He has directed the National Puppet Theater of Cuba for 17 years, so he is recognized as one of the leading figures of contemporary Cuban scenic art. [. . .]


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