Haitian Anthropologist Rachel Beauvoir Dominique has died


Our thanks to Anna Wexler for bringing the sad news to our attention.

Rachel Beauvoir Dominique, Vodou manbo, daughter of the late Chef Suprême du Vodou Max Beauvoir and wife of architect and professor at the Université d’État d’Haiti (UEH), Didier Dominique, died Friday January 5 2018 at her home in Port-au-Prince after a long battle against cancer waged at home and abroad.

After studying cultural anthropology at Tufts University and social anthropology at Oxford University in England, Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique taught anthropology and Haitian culture at the State University of Haiti: the Faculty of Human Sciences (FASCH) and the Faculty of Ethnology (FE). She collaborated with the Vice-Rectorate for Research and participated in various research projects, including one focused on the history of ethnology in Haiti implemented by the Faculty of Ethnology and its research unit, the laboratory LADIREP.

Engaged politically in the battle against the Duvalier dictatorship in the 1980s, Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique was part of the contingent of young graduates who rushed to return to the country to help rebuild.

Voodoo Priestess, she was a vigilant defender of this popular religion, founder and active member of two Foundations dedicated to the preservation of Haitian cultural traditions.

La rédaction de Vant bèf info (VBI) présente ses condoléances notamment à Didier Dominique (son conjoint), aux membres de la famille de la défunte et à ses amis (e) attristés par ce départ.

Haiti’s State University has issued a statement on her death:

The Rectorate of the State University of Haiti (UEH) learned, with infinite sorrow the sad news of the death Friday, January 5, 2018 at his residence in Mariani, of the manbo (Voodoo Priestess) and Anthropology Professor Rachel Dominique Beauvoir, daughter of the deceased Ati National (Supreme Chief of Haitian Voodoo) Max Gesner Beauvoir.

“The Rectorate, on behalf of the university community, salutes the departure of this researcher and this eminent intellectual figure, who has contributed enormously to the development of studies on Haitian culture and on Voodoo

The Rectorate offers its condolences to her husband, Mr. Didier Dominique, Professor at the Faculty of Sciences, her family, colleagues, friends and fellow Vodouizan.”

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2 thoughts on “Haitian Anthropologist Rachel Beauvoir Dominique has died

  1. So so sad to read this news. May I respectfully suggest that the word “voodoo” in your text be replaced with the proper spelling for the religion, which is Vodoo. A number of activists are working hard to bring awareness of the distinction between voodoo (with its western-infused perjorative connotations) and vodoo, the religion of Haiti. Please see https://www.questia.com/library/journal/1P3-3057560851/from-voodooism-to-vodou-changing-a-us-library, or Kate Ramsey’s The Spirits and The Law: Vodou and Power in Haiti (UChicago Press). Please pass it on in honor of Rachel’s work.

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