Riccie Oriach is the Dominican Republic’s Most Promising Future Folk Storyteller


Richard Villegas (Remezcla) reviews the Dominican Republic’s Riccie Oriach, describing him as “an emerging mad scientist in the Dominican indie scene, blurring the lines of genre [and allowing] him to celebrate the musical mélange of the region while also defying strict categorization.” Here are excerpts; read the full feature at Remezcla:

Oriach is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Santo Domingo. At the age of 14, the young musician began throwing punk and rock shows at his house, and over the last six years, he’s assembled and operated a home studio where he grooms local musicians while meticulously fine-tuning his own sound. On his debut EP Viaje al Infinito, out now, Oriach unveils six eclectic tracks that paint a collage of Caribbean identity, embracing the breadth of Dominican musical heritage and infusing it with sounds from beyond.

[. . .] Oriach’s fresh approach has attracted the attention of local audiences and curators. He’s booked shows across the island and made appearances at buzzy new festivals like Isle of Light and Pineapple Ball. But he still loves el campo and performing for people in more rural corners of the country, hoping his sonic adventurousness will inspire the next generation to take more risks and break from trends. “I would like the artists coming up to have more tools and to keep an open mind,” he says. “I’m not saying you have to make music like mine, but acts like MULAEl Gran Poder de DiosaMarimbaYasser Tejeda and many others are doing some great work.” Oriach’s skill as an expert storyteller and observer of the day-to-day reality of the Dominican experience makes him a promising young voice on the island’s burgeoning indie scene.

For full review, see http://remezcla.com/features/music/riccie-oriach-profile/


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