A birder’s guide to Trinidad

Scarlet ibis. Photo by Chris Anderson

In Discover Trinidad and Tobago, Nazma Muller recommends the best places to go bird watching in Trinidad. She includes select geographic areas as well as nature centers, sanctuaries, and other protected areas. [Aah, to dream . . .]

Muller writes, “The island is blessed with nearly 500 recorded species — among the top 10 countries in the world for number of species per square mile. Peak birding season is November–May, but there’s lots to see year-round. Ornithologists flock here because of the diversity and accessibility to the birds. You can stay on the road and easily record 60 species on a single outing.”

She goes on to list the best places to see everything from swallow-tailed kites; golden-headed manakins; bay-headed tanagers; blue-headed parrots; rare macaw; channel-billed toucans; white-tailed, violaceous and collared trogons; tanagers; honeycreepers; crested oropendolas or cornbirds; blue-headed parrots; grey-headed kites; squirrel cuckoos; bay-breasted, black-throated blue, and blackpoll warblers; bananaquits; a variety of woodpeckers; wild Muscovy, whistling tree and other ducks; kiskidees; purple gallinule; green, great grey, or night herons; yellow-hooded blackbirds; straight-billed woodcreepers; pied water tyrants; cardinals; ringed and pigmy kingfishers; black skimmers; grey hawks; snakebirds (or anhingas); tropical screeches; potoos; osprey; flamingos; and great egrets; to the iconic scarlet ibis and hummingbirds of all types.

Read the original article here: A birder’s guide to Trinidad | Discover Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide http://www.discovertnt.com/articles/trinidad/birders-guide-to-trinidad/#ixzz52n1hpoco

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