Mission Black Satellite: Artists launch new project


A report from Trinidad’s Newsday.

Mission Black Satellite, a project that aims to leverage mediated reality, social media and public art to connect black artists and poets from the Caribbean and the US in dialogue across space and time will be launched tomorrow at East Yard, Prince Street, Arima.

Led by American visual artist and community organiser Christopher Paul Jordan and Trinidadian photographer, designer and curator twin artists Prabu and Parmanan Singh, the launch will feature live performances from Trinidadian and American storytellers and poets, as well as the unveiling of a new mural by Jordan, recipient of the 2017 Neddy Artists Award for painting, the Jon Imber Painting Fellowship, the GTCF Foundation of Art Award, the James W Ray Venture Project Award, and the most recent summer commission for Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

The launch serves as a link to the call-and-response exhibitions #COLORED2017 curated by Jordan and #NEGRO2018, curated by James. They will be joined by writer, poet, storyteller, performer and educator from Oakland, California, Joyce Lee.

One thought on “Mission Black Satellite: Artists launch new project

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