Artist Tony Capellán Passes Away


It is with great sadness that we announce that Dominican artist Tony Capellán has passed away. [Many thanks to Veerle Poupeye for bringing this news to our attention.] Here is an article from Listin Diario:

Minister of Culture Pedro Vergés considers the death of artist Tony Capellán a great loss for the art and culture of the Dominican Republic. The official expressed his sorrow at the sudden death of Capellán (causes of death has not been determined). “He was passionate about the arts, which he cultivated with passion and dedication, becoming a personality that was admired and respected by all: his sudden death fills us with mourning,” said Vergés.

Capellán was a versatile artist, who excelled in painting, installation, and sculpture. He studied at the School of Arts of the UASD and the Art Student League of New York. Capellán’s works have been widely exhibited locally and internationally. His work has obtained important awards, such as second place in the Drawing category (1987 and 1992), first place in Sculpture (1990 and 1996), and third place in painting (1994) of at the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.

Capellán was born in Tamboril, Santiago, in 1955. He was a painter, engraver, installer, graphic artist, and sculptor. He is among the most admired and recognized Dominican artists in the country. He was part of the Quintapata Collective.

[Translation by Ivette Romero.] For full article, see

Also see for more on the article.

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