Cayman under construction


James Whitakker (Cayman Compass) presents, “Cayman under construction: 11 major projects that could shape the future.” [A good subtitle would be “Lessons we have NOT learned from the 2017 hurricane season.”]

For those of you who are interested in real estate, this is an “uhmm . . . i-i-interesting” article on projects that are under discussion for different areas in the Cayman Islands. Some are more “uhmm . . . interesting” than others: assorted oceanfront hotels and condominiums [would anyone please take a look at oceanfront properties in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominica, St. Martin, Barbuda, and others after Hurricanes Irma and María?], golf resorts, supermarkets, a 131-foot high ferris wheel [repeat after me: “Hurricane Season 2017”], an extension to Health City, and an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant. But, for heaven’s sake, a 4,000-seat ice arena? Really? Although Whitakker refers to these plans as “mooted projects” that have not come to fruition, some of these are still on the drawing board. Here are excerpts from the Cayman Compass:

From the top of Grand Cayman’s giant Ferris wheel, visitors look out across a diverse cityscape. Cable cars ferry passengers from cruise ships to downtown George Town where tourists mill around the Christian Heritage Monument in Jubilee Park or join queues for the Disney on Ice show at the rink on the waterfront. Cayman would look very different today if every mooted project had come to fruition.

From the fanciful to the fantastic, developers have brought a diverse range of plans and ideas to the table. After a record year for development, in terms of the number and the value of projects approved by the Central Planning Authority, Cayman looks to be on the brink of another construction boom.

The Cayman Compass checked on 11 major private sector projects, either financially or visually significant developments that could potentially shape the future look of the Cayman Islands.

[. . .] Cayman Eye

A relatively low-cost development compared to some of the others on this list, the $3 million Cayman Eye project was proposed in 2014. The proposal was for a 131-feet high Ferris wheel offering panoramic views of the island. Artist’s impressions were produced and it was being floated to potential investors. No updates have been provided on the project since, however, though representatives for the development have consistently said they are still working on the project with the intent of making an announcement soon.

Asked for comment for this story, a spokesman said the project was still “very much on the cards.” [. . .]

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