Puerto Rico Shelters Flooded with Abandoned Cats and Dogs after Hurricane Maria


Three months after the devastating destruction of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico grapples with a failing electricity grid, exorbitant debt and a rising death toll. Now, animal shelters witness the side effects of the damage as they have received an unprecedented number of forsaken pets.

The Associated Press reports that Puerto Rico’s shelters have received hundreds of dogs and cats—even a pet pig and a fighting cock—after their owners decided to leave the island due to economic hardships or opted to forsake their animals as they try to recover from the tempest. The shelters already faced problems housing stray animals even before the hurricane that pummeled the U.S. territory in September.

Some of Puerto Rico’s five government-run shelters and more than 30 nonprofit animal centers lost their roofs, food and cages, but the state of these facilities has not deterred pet owners from leaving them there. AP reported that animals are being thrown over the shelters’ fences, are tied to gates or left with money under their collars.

“We previously picked animals on the streets, but now I found them at my doorstep,” Carmen Cintrón, founder and administrator of Santuario Canita in the municipality of Guayama, told Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero. “Heartless people without scruples or conscience leave their animals on the streets because they’re sick…When they leave them in front of [the shelter] I can’t do anything but pick them up.”

Santuario Canita provides shelter to 740 dogs and 12 cats but is unable to receive more pets after Maria left the sanctuary in shambles. “We lost at least 20 animals, not because they were physically injured but because they felt anxiety and fear from the hurricane,” Cintrón said. “We could have moved 200 animals to a school or another refuge, but that could have been even more dangerous.” [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.newsweek.com/puerto-rico-shelters-abandoned-cats-dogs-hurricane-maria-754021

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