Official protocol of the funeral of Manno Charlemagne


Haiti Libre announces Official protocol for the funeral of singer-songwriter Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne (aka “Manno Charlemagne”), who passed away on Sunday, December 10, 2017 at the age of 69. The funeral will take place on Friday, December 22, 2017, starting at 7:00am at Kiosque Occide Jeanty on the Champ de Mars.

Arrival at the kiosk:
– Of the hearse: the coffin will be covered with the national flag and worn by police officers;
– Arrival of parents and members of the Charlemagne family;
– Arrival of members of the press.

Funeral honors by the fanfare of the PNH.

7:00 am: Exhibition of the mortal remains.

7:30 Arrival of dignitaries.

Funeral Greetings

8:30 am: Civil ceremony

Funeral orations:

– From a member of the Charlemagne Family,
– By Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Youri Chévry
– Of Minister of Culture and Communication, Limond Toussaint

8:55 am: End of the Civil Ceremony

Closing of the Coffin

9:00 am: Religious ceremony

11:00 am: End of the religious ceremony

At the end of the Religious Ceremony the body of the deceased, carried by police officers, will receive Funeral Honors by the Fanfare of the PNH, at the exit of the kiosk.

The body of “Manno Charlemagne” will be transported to the Verettes cemetery, where the burial will take place.

The following are messages of sympathy for the loss of this great Haitian artist:

President Jovenel Moïse: “The departure for the eternal Orient of the committed singer Manno Charlemagne is a great loss for the country and for the cultural sector in particular. My sympathies to the family and loved ones of this patriot who loved his country with passion. Haiti is grateful to him.

Prime Minister Lafontant: “The Head of Government Jack Guy Lafontant salutes this sad departure by presenting his deep sympathies to the family of the Popular Singer and to the entire corporation of Artists Musicians of Haiti.”

Limond Toussaint, Minister of Culture: “A voice died this morning of December 10, 2017 in the United States. Whoever was singing to us : ‘Finies les colonies’, ‘Charlemagne Péralte’, ‘Capitaine America’ or ‘Le mal du pays’, left for the afterlife. Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne aka Manno Charlemagne, whose voice carried all the revolt of the young and not so young of the 70s-80s […] Poet, troubadour, jeering: our Manno loved the life in which he bit down. This iconic figure of music engaged in Haiti marked an era. [. . .]

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