Joanne Ball-Burgess releases “No Ordinary Christmas” 


Joanne Ball-Burgess, a Bermudian musician, singer, and songwriter living in Kenya, has released a Christmas single to promote peace and love in her community. Simon Jones (The Royal Gazette) reports:

Joanne Ball-Burgess was inspired to write No Ordinary Christmas after a series of turbulent events in the country as well as her own personal experience of getting caught up in the 2013 terrorist attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi.

Mrs Ball-Burgess told The Royal Gazette that she hoped the song would help to spread the message of peace and positive change. “I wanted to write a song that promotes peace in Kenya,” she said. “This has been a tough year for creatives in light of the recent political happenings [presidential elections] here. We decided to show happy moments in Nairobi and fuse it with the holiday season. When I began writing it, the goal was to fuse old Christmas carols with newness and the sometimes tough realities that come with living in a dynamic, urban society.”

Mrs Ball-Burgess, who moved to Kenya with her family in 2011, added: “Getting caught up in the Westgate Mall attack a few years ago was a traumatic time for me and much healing was needed. Even through all of that, my family and I decided to continue living here. It’s been six years now and we have seen our careers blossom and our children growing into global-minded people. This year has brought with it many unexpected changes and events in the world. It certainly hasn’t been an ordinary year.” [. . .]

For full article and video, see

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