Art Exhibition—“Raúl Martínez: Allegreto Cantabile”

Allegreto por Raúl Martínez

Cuban Art News recently announced the many shows centering on Cuban art in Cuba and abroad. This one—“Raúl Martínez: Allegreto Cantabile”—is on view at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam. “Raúl Martínez: Allegreto Cantabile” pays homage to the 90th anniversary of Martínez’s birth (1927-1995). Curated by Corina Matamoros, Gabriela Hernández, and Rossana Bouza the show runs through January 2018.

A collaboration between the Lam Center, the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas, and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the show traces the arc of Martínez’s creative development, from his early abstractions to his best known Pop Art works, later collages, and return to abstraction.

According to Corina Matamoros: “If there is a work that symbolizes the image of the Cuban Revolution, it is that of Raúl Martínez. Without intending to, perhaps, and at times against the grain, Raúl’s long and prolific career was creating a semblance and an imaginary of the most arduous moments of contemporary Cuban society. It is not a pamphleteering art that may repeat and surrender to icons pre-established by a predominantly political approach to life, but rather, a work that invented the icons, the image, and the face of a people in revolution. And in that image, we have recognized several generations of Cubans; hence his role as a founder.”

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[Image above: Raúl Martínez, “José Martí,” 1966.]

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