Art/Performance: “CATARSIS: RE / CONSTRUYENDO después de María”


The Museum of the Americas [Museo de las Américas] in San Juan, Puerto Rico, recently opened “CATARSIS: RE / CONSTRUYENDO después de María” [Catharsis: Re/Constructing after María], a multidisciplinary project that brings together visual and performance artists and the community at large to express themselves about the effect of Hurricane Maria on their lives.

With this exhibition, the Museum of the Americas offers the opportunity to gather, in a single place, works, stories and feelings to release emotions caused by this historic event. CATARSIS aims to be a long-term project that will give the artistic community as well as schools and cultural and community centers the opportunity to use the museum as an alternative accessible space for exhibitions, performance presentations, and talks that help the healing process as a country .

Special hours to visit the exhibition: Tuesdays-Fridays from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

For more information, see

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