Vera’s ‘Nobody Else’ is a tribute to Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea


A report by Robin Murray for Clash.

Copenhagen talent Vera has shared new track ‘Nobody Else’.

The potent pop talent has a beautiful way with sound, and this is pushed to the fore on his latest release.

Taken from upcoming EP ‘Good Job – No Conversation’, new cut ‘Nobody Else’ is a blissed out piece of hazy tropical pop.

A pared down, sultry synth pop jammer, ‘Nobody Else’ also has a literary side that pushes it to a fresh level of artistry.

Vera explains: “Lyrically, ‘Nobody Else’ is a tribute to the Caribbean novel Wide Sargasso Sea by the Creole writer, Jean Rhys. The novel is a response to Brontë’s Jane Eyre, in which the landowner keeps his Jamaican wife locked up in the attic, allegedly because she is mad. Wide Sargasso Sea tells the story of the “mad woman of the attic” and with this cool tone of tristesse, the book describes the wickedness, the Jamaican landscape and the eternal drinking of rum.”

“This song came along in such a lovely way. I met one of my oldest friends in a studio one day and I hadn’t heard what he had been working on for ages. He played me this beat and I fell in love immediately. I went on to do a few things on top of it and a few days later his band’s singer and I met with Off Bloom who helped us do the vocal-melodies. When I got home that day I played it to my girlfriend and she came up with the lyrics for the song.”

“This way of working is the reason why I love producing and writing music. To involve a lot of the people you love and trust and make them do their best. I’m probably the one who made the least on this track – I just collected people’s ideas – it’s very beautiful I think.”

Tune in now.

‘Good Job – No Conversation’ EP was released on December 8th.

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