Film: The Coral Awards in Cuba


CubaNow reminds us that the International Festival of the New Latin American Film is still in progress and that two Cuban feature films are competing presently for the Coral Awards [Premios Coral]: Sergio y Serguei, by Ernesto Daranas, and Los buenos demonios [The Good Devils], by Gerardo Chijona.

The first film focuses on the period of the fall of the USSR. Two characters—Sergio, a radio buff and professor of Marxism, and Serguei, the last Soviet cosmonaut—star in the contrast of realities presented as a product of the changes that are taking place in their respective countries. The cast includes Tomás Cao and Héctor Noas in the leading roles, with Mario Guerra, Yuliet Cruz, Armando Miguel Gómez, and Camila Arteche in supporting roles. The cast also includes U.S. actor Ron Perlman with a special performance.

The second film focuses on the character of Tito, a young taxi driver with irreproachable behavior in society. However, an analysis of part of his identity, which is not visible at first sight, is presented as an a issue to be explored further in this film. Carlos Enrique Almirante has a leading role in a cast including Vladimir Cruz, Isabel Santos, Yailene Sierra, Alicia Echevarría, Ulises Aquino, Ángel Luis León, and Enrique Molina.

[Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero.] For full article in Spanish, see

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