Transoceanic Visual Exchange 2017: Digital Exhibition


Fresh Milk is excited to launch the Transoceanic Visual Exchange 2017 Online Exhibition. It opened for viewing on November 20, and will be accessible through December 20, 2017, at Transoceanic Visual Exchange: Digital Exhibition.

Artists from (or working on) the Caribbean include Sofía Gallisá (Puerto Rico), Luis Vasquez La Roche (Trinidad and Tobago), Jodi Minnis (The Bahamas), Adam Patterson (Barbados), Oneika Russell (Jamaica), Shanice Smith (Trinidad and Tobago), Rodell Warner (Trinidad and Tobago), Alberta Whittle (Barbados), Nick Whittle (Scotland/Barbados), and Anisah Wood (Barbados).

Transoceanic Visual Exchange writes: “If you have a question about the TVE programme, or want to engage directly with the Caribbean and Oceanic artists about their work, the #askTVE form lets you submit your feedback and questions directly to our team, and we will share the artists’ responses with you in an open forum.”

[Image from Ruy C. Campos’ Entangled Landing Points, 2017, 9mins 6s.]

See the form here:

For more information, see


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