7 Poets, 1 Reading: In This Breadfruit Kingdom


Kingston, Jamaica is getting ready for a topnotch poetry reading. Seven of the poets in In This Breadfruit Kingdom—an anthology edited by Jamaican poet laureate Mervyn Morris—will take place on December 6, 2017, at 6:30pm, at Bookophilia, located at 92 Hope Road.

Among the many fine poets included in the collection are Jacqueline Bishop, Colin Channer, Mel Cooke, Christine Craig, Kwame Dawes, Juleus Ghunta, Lorna Goodison, Millicent Graham, Ishion Hutchinson, Ann-Margaret Lim, Kei Miller, Pamela Mordecai, Geoffrey Philp, Claudia Rankine, Dennis Scott, Olive Senior, Tanya Shirley, and Andrew Stone.

Also see previous post New Book: In This Breadfruit Kingdom. You may want to follow @Bookophilia @natlibja

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