CfP: Global Dominican – Politics, Economics and Cultural Production


Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

Global Dominican

Global Dominican – Politics, Economics and Cultural Production

22nd June 2018 – Senate House, University of London

Call for Papers

In the last two decades the field of Dominican Studies, particularly in North American institutions, has grown significantly.  A great deal of the scholarship produced as a result of the renewed interest in the Dominican Republic, which coincided with the birth of the twenty-first centuryhas focussed on the Trujillo dictatorship (1930 -1961) and its perpetrated atrocities (political, social and psychological). Another concentrated focal point has been the concern with the society’s exceptional negrophobia, its politics of racial denial and concomitant pernicious representations of Haiti and Haitian cultural practices. Recent departures from this critical approach to the study of the Dominican Republic have demonstrated the ‘divergent dictions’ produced by the nation’s writers (Rodríguez, 2010), have put Affect and migration politics in conversation in order to read the significance of Dominican narratives of migration (Méndez, 2012), or have privileged concepts of place producing masterful readings of regenerative Haitian/Dominican border texts in the process (Fumagalli, 2015). Recently, brilliant insight has recast the contradictions of Dominicanidad including its meanings produced from the interstitial spaces of exile and absence (García-Peña, 2016).

This conference sets out to build on this scholarly trend and expand the terrain opened up by these recent critical events in order to reframe the terms in which Dominican cultural politics are discussed. The aim of the conference is to move away from the concentration on notions of Dominican paternalism and ethnocentrism in order to map a series of conversations with the wider Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the United States which have always been important themes in Dominican history as well as its cultural production. Twenty-first century urban texts produced by writers such as Frank Báez, Juan Dicent, Rita Indiana Hernández and Rey Andújar, among others, showcase Santo Domingo as a global city which is continuously remaking itself through engagement in both North-South and South-South conversations. However, questions of transnationality, trans-locality, as well as Pan-Caribbean and diasporic identity are not new to Dominican discourse. The conference aims to trace these connections in narratives of Dominican identity as they appear in a variety of disciplinary fields.

The organisers welcome papers that engage with the Dominican Republic in global contexts within any field in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Papers may be presented in English or Spanish.

Please send titles and brief abstracts (200 words) to by January 15th 2018.

Conference organisers: William Tantam (ILAS, London), Catherine Davies (IMLR, London), Maria Thomas (Goldsmith College, London) and Conrad James (University of Birmingham)

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