Adoption: Black African And Caribbean Parents Needed


A report from The Voice Online.

CHILDREN OF a black African and Caribbean background often wait longer to be adopted, alongside sibling groups of two or more. While Adoption Counts, the regional adoption agency for Manchester, Cheshire East, Trafford, Salford and Trafford local authorities, has had over 300 enquiries since they launched in July 2017; they are finding it particularly challenging to find adopters who will consider black African and Caribbean children.

While these children may wait longer, black adopters often find a match with their child or children sooner. Adoption Counts welcome interracial couples, couples who are cohabiting or married, as well as single, divorced, widowed and LBGTQ applicants.

Sue Westwood, Regional Adoption Agency Manager said: “Adoption Counts wants to hear from anyone who feels they could offer a child a warm and loving home. The black African and Caribbean community are well known for their family values, compassion and strong community networks”.

Valerie E Campell, Advisor, Children’s Advocate and Community Worker, said: “It’s increasingly difficult to find adopters in the African and Caribbean community. There continues to be a persistent lack of available adopters to provide loving homes for our children.

Adoption Counts aims to raise awareness in the community with the view to providing a resolution. It is seeking to secure potential adopters for our black and Caribbean children. Our children deserve to have a safe and secure home and the right to prosper in their own community.”

As well as the life changing and amazing experience of being an adoptive parent, adopters will receive vital support and training to help them understand the experiences their children may have faced. Adoption Counts also have support groups for adults and activities days for the children to meet others who have been adopted.

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