Call for Submissions: Young Researchers on the Caribbean Seminar


Organized by Marine Cellier, Cécile Chapon, and Françoise Garcia, a seminar for Young Researchers on the Caribbean will take place on Friday, May 25, 2018, at Aix-Marseille University (Maison de la recherche, Aix-en-Provence). The seminar will be structured around the theme “Caribbean Literature(s) and the Comparatist Outlook: State of Play” [Littérature(s) caribéenne(s) et comparatisme: état des lieux] with the aim to discuss assessments of the present state of the field of Comparative Caribbean studies. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2017.

Description and guidelines: The joint affirmation of the coherence and diversity of Caribbean literatures often arises when there is a need to define the contours of a unified Caribbean literature, endowed with specific dynamics. In an issue of the Comparative Literature Review [Revue de Littérature comparée] of 2002, devoted entirely to Caribbean literatures, the Caribbean was described as a “comparatist space.” Where do comparative studies in the Caribbean context stand, fifteen years later, within the French university system? This seminar aims to draw up an inventory of current research on Caribbean literatures, especially among young researchers. We start from the observation that Caribeanists are often isolated by the institutional functioning of the university and the partitioning of research teams between comparatists, specialists in French, English, Spanish, Dutch, and Creole-speaking literatures, and that outside the Antilles-Guyane university domain, there is no association or grouping of Caribbean researchers in literature, nor a regular framework within which they can meet and share the results of their work.

It is therefore a question of setting the stage for increased cooperation between young researchers working on the Caribbean literary space, which we will extend to the greater Caribbean (including the continental coasts touched by the Caribbean Sea, in particular,  Colombia and Guyana/Guiana) as well as to the diaspora.

An assessment of the current state of the field presupposes a great diversity of possible axes, linked by a single general requirement: communications, which, generally, may relate only to a single linguistic corpus—will have to favor a comparative perspective, displaying a trans-linguistic, transnational, transdisciplinary, diachronic or intermedial study. Each axis can thus be examined from the standpoint of a distinct corpus observed from up close or at the level of different Caribbean literatures seen in a more global approach, according to the following non-exhaustive categories [for a fleshing out of each category, see full CFS at fabula]: literature and history; Caribbean circulations; written forms/orality, writing and performance; and Caribbean theories.

Potential participants must send abstracts (with maximum length of 400 words, accompanied by a short bio-bibliography) to by 15 December 2017, at the latest. The seminar will take place on Friday, May 25, 2018, at the Maison de la Recherche of Aix-Marseille University, at 29 Avenue Robert Schuman, Aix-en-Provence. Participants are responsible for their travel expenditures; lunch will be provided with pre-registration.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

For full article (in French), see

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