Atelier Morales—“VaraderoS: Patrimoine des côtes à la dérive”


In the framework of the Master Villes d’Amérique Latine [Cities of Latin America Masters] the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ENSA) at Paris-La Villette presents a series by Cuban artistic duo Atelier Morales: “VaraderoS: Patrimoine des côtes à la derive” [VaraderoS: Patrimony of Coasts Adrift]. The exhibition opened this evening and runs from November 28 to December 22, 2017. [ENSA is located at 144 Avenue de Flandre, Paris 19, France.]

Christian Pédelahore de Loddis (Coordinator of the Cities of Latin America Masters) writes: 

What Atelier Morales’s VaraderoS series presents with depth and refinement are the gashes—the most poignant as the most intimate—the great curtain of a tropical scene that dresses the society of touristic spectacle, assumed to be permanently jovial, epicurean, scatterbrained; Cuba no longer escaping the golden rule of commercial globalization.

Beyond the emblematic beauty of the forms, colors, and materials—in an ultimate testimony of resilience, here masterfully restored—stands a backstage that reveals the sharp eye, the visual and meditative work that mark their obstinate relevance; a scene that speaks of our common presence in a Tout-Monde struck by the amnesia of human societies and the crisis of their geographical and climatic environments.

This second pictorial plane is then in turn and just as much scientific as philosophical and political. It is the plane of the analytical identification of climatic fragilities of the Caribbean: tropical hurricanes that more and more destructive, the slow and inexorable rising of waters, but equally and at the same time, it is that of the generalization of the human typhoons: over-exploitation of coastal fringes and dunes, multinational and national financial depravation, the cynicism and shortsightedness of territories facing unbridled real estate development—a sector that (let us not forget)—along with arms sales and drug trafficking—is the only economic domain whose obscene profits regularly exceed 1000%.

The à clef tableaux of Atelier Morales convey a watermarked message: there can be no human survival in this world except through and in recourse to memory, to knowledge, to slow and tenacious sedimentation of the expertise and collective cultures doubly rooted in their lands and in a shared liberating universality.

[Translated from by Ivette Romero.] For more information, see… and

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