Freddie Mercado Performs at Amsterdam Art Weekend


Puerto Rican artist and performer Freddie Mercado brings a performance to Amsterdam Art Weekend, held November 23-26, 2017, at the Juliette Jongma Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland. Liz Sandra Santiago (El Nuevo Día) writes that his uncanny ability to become a human sculpture in a unique way is what the artist has perfected for the past 32 years—the art of transforming common elements to create installations in which he is the key player.

“In September we took Freddie’s work to the Art Berlin Fair in an individual presentation, but only the pieces, not the ‘performance.’ We took the skirts, the sculptural works that he makes, and the paintings, and they were very successful there. One of the developments that came out of this was that the curator that organizes the Amsterdam fair, Roos Gortzak, got to know Freddie’s work. Stemming from that presentation, they invited us to bring a performance,”explains Francisco Rovira Rullán, director of the Roberto Paradise Gallery, who represents Mercado.

For this fair, Mercado will bring the performance called “Resistencia en fractura … Desnuda,” which, in an artistic way, shows life on the island after the passage of Hurricane Maria, which has not only wreaked havoc on the infrastructure and nature of Puerto Rico, but has also affected the artist’s lifestyle and physical health.

“I’m playing a bit with the personal situation, because I have a fracture and I have to undergo two operations that have been postponed as a result of Hurricane Maria. That’s why I am walking with a cane. But I am also mixing a series of situations that we are living in the midst of a fractured state, of repositioning and rebuilding, which, now with Maria, has intensified. The nudity is something that has always been in my work; it is a kind of of blank canvas to start adding gender, either male or female, because I work with both,” says Mercado.

[Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero.] For full article (in Spanish), see

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