Dublin Literary Award 2018 Longlist


Susumba recently reported that four Caribbean writers have been included on the longlist for the 2018 Dublin Literary Award: Nicole Dennis Benn, Kevin Jared Hosein, Lynn Joseph, and Diana Macaulay. Tanya Batson-Savage writes:

Four Caribbean authors from Jamaica and Trinidad have made the longlist for the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award. A total of 150 books have made this year’s longlist, all of them nominated by public libraries around the world. The authors will be vying for the final prize of €100,000, which is the world’s largest prize for a single work of fiction.

Lynn Joseph with Dancing in the Rain (Blouse & Skirt Books) and Kevin Jared Hosein with The Repenters (Peepal Tree Press) are the two Trinidadian writers up for the prize. Nicole Dennis Benn’s Here Comes the Sun (Liveright/ W.W. Norton and Company) and Diana Macaulay’s Gone to Drift (Papillote Press) are the two books by Jamaican authors up for the prize. [. . .]

Read full article at http://www.susumba.com/books/news/four-caribbean-writers-make-dublin-literary-award-longlist

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