Cuba honors Fidel Castro on Anniversary of His Death


Reuters reports that Cuba will be commemorating the first anniversary of the death of revolutionary father Fidel Castro this Saturday, November 25, 2017. Ceremonies marking the anniversary are scheduled across the island.

President Raul Castro will lead a ceremony in the southeastern city of Santiago de Cuba, where his brother’s ashes are interred.

Since his death at the age of 90 on November 25 last year, his wishes have been respected. No street, square or building bears his name, and no statue or monument has been erected in his honor.

But Fidel remains present in the minds of Cubans, and state media daily recalls his exploits, speeches and writings.

Whether by accident or design, the tributes coincide with the first round of municipal elections which will mark a turning of the page in Cuban history. The polls will kick off a series of elections that will end in February next year with the first generational change at the top in Cuba in 60 years—the election of Raul Castro’s replacement, who will, for the first time, be a post-revolutionary figure.

President since 2008 when he took over from Fidel, 86-year-old Castro has announced that he will not run for re-election. [. . .]

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