Allora & Calzadilla Sculpture “Unspecified Promise” Falls


Kate Brown reports on a 40,000-pound Allora & Calzadilla sculpture that fell from a crane in Miami as it headed to the grand opening the Institute of Contemporary Art’s new location in the Miami Design District. Here are just a few excerpts below. The irony here is that the sculpture, named “Unspecified Promise,” presents a critical comment on the devastation that recent hurricanes, debt, and austerity plans have caused in Puerto Rico. Read the full article at ArtNet News.

A massive sculpture by Puerto-Rican artist-duo Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla was being transported on Monday morning to be installed at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami’s new location in the Design District when something malfunctioned, and the whole thing came tumbling down. The artwork was set to be installed at the ICA’s highly anticipated space which opens on December 1, a sprawling site designed by Madrid architecture firm Aranguren & Gallegos that takes up an expansive 37,500 square feet.

[. . .] In an ironic twist, the street-side calamity corresponds with the artwork’s message: The monumental sculpture titled Unspecified Promise is a critical comment on the devastation that recent hurricanes have reaped upon Puerto Rico. It was a symbolic gesture to bring this heavy burden of a work to Miami, a piece that addressed issues surrounding construction, development, and displacement. [. . .]

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