Celebrating Saint Lucia Calypso from the days of Terra to the time of Pep 1957 – 2017


Our thanks to Robert Lee for bringing this item to our attention.

Three pioneering Saint Lucian calypsonians met for the first time on a stage on November 21, 2017, to share their stories, their tragedies and trade tricks.

They were:

• Pancras Theodore – The Mighty Terra, eight- time Calypso king

• Aloysius Long – Mighty Pep, eight-time calypso monarch,

• Mark Philip – Lord Jackson – founding member of the Calypsonians Associations and 1981 monarch.

The event was a special discussion and sing along recorded with a small audience at the Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre in commemoration of the contribution of calypso to St. Lucian music and a celebration for St. Cecilia’s day 2017. It was produced by the Folk Research Centre in collaboration with the Cultural Development Foundation and the Department of Information Services.

The event will be broadcast on the National Television Network NTN at 8. 00 p.m. on Wednesday 22 November as a St. Cecilia’s Day special. St Cecilia’s day is the feast of musicians and has been celebrated in Saint Lucia for decades with music tributes by local musicians.



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