New Book—“Belize: An Intimate Portrait”


Belize: An Intimate Portrait, by André López (with an introduction by René Villanueva) has been described as “the most beautiful, interesting and informative book on Belize ever published.”

Description: This is not a tourist vision of Belize, but rather an amazing photographic sketch in 13 portfolios of the newest country in the Americas. These 150 photographs provide a glimpse into the living splendor that is Belize…

Discover the incredible ethnic diversity of Belize. Visit a deaf school and music school. See the amateur excitement of men and women rodeoing and horse-racing. Become intimate with the living Maya, their dance dramas, and the Maya ball game of Pitz. Celebrate the Joys of Independence and the Responsibilities of Freedom during the September celebrations. [. . .] Know that there are no great cathedrals in Belize, but rather an unlimited supply of humble, welcoming houses of prayer, and a Good Friday Passion-Play as emotional as any in the world. Meet the people who give the nation its heart and pulse.

[Information includes] a chronological history of Belize, and a narration about the Garifuna, whose culture UNESCO proclaimed a Masterpiece of an Intangible and Oral History. Familiarize yourself with all the special and religious holidays, and find out why the Belizean flag is the most unique flag in the world. [. . .]

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