Art Exhibition:  Robert Gniewek’s “A Preview to Havana”


A Preview to Havana” is a solo exhibition of Robert Gniewek’s recent paintings. An opening reception for the artist took place on November 16. The exhibition continues at Louis K. Meisel Gallery (141 Prince Street, New York, New York) through December 22, 2017. Hyperallergic quotes the Louis K. Meisel Gallery to explain that Gniewek is “a photorealist with an aptitude for creating atmospheric urban landscapes” who began a new series of work based on his recent journey to Cuba.

Description (from the Louis K. Meisel Gallery): Known for recreating the effects of fluorescent, neon, and diffused light, Gniewek’s Hopper-esque cityscapes often capture moments of isolation. His compositions are imbued with soft light that subtly takes center stage. Inspired by scenes that are architecturally or culturally nostalgic, Gniewek’s paintings possess a cinematic quality that is rarely captured in Photorealism.

Robert Gniewek began his career painting his hometown of Detroit. Over the course of his career, he has painted cities across the United States and Europe, as well as slightly more remote outposts of urban life that have included taverns, motels, and diners. In March 2017, Gniewek was able to travel to Havana. His forthcoming body of work will concentrate on Vedado’s narrow, gritty streets.

For further information and images of works from the exhibition, please contact Elizabeth Harris or Alain Simić at 212-677-1340, or email

For more information, see

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